PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Disturbing new allegations have been leveled against a local pet kennel.

Pittsburgh City Council President Darlene Harris sent her own employees undercover into Triangle Pet Control in McKees Rocks and claims they saw horrifying abuse.

“What was really disturbing is what when they looked inside the dumpster,” she said.

In her left hand, she holds a photograph that shows a deer hoof sticking out of a dumpster.

On her desk were photographs too disturbing for broadcast – stacks of animals on top of each other in dumpsters – some of them reportedly still alive.

“A dumpster that was just filled with animals outside,” Harris said.

Harris is reacting to the closure of Triangle Pet Control by the state Monday.

One state investigation alleged improper treatment of animals.

A state police investigation alleges the owner of the facility committed fraud by lying about the number of dogs euthanized, thus overcharging the state by nearly $40,000.

“I [want to] make sure also if an animal is being put to sleep, it’s done in a humane way,” Harris said.

Harris sent her employees out there – concerned about the treatment of animals and a contract with the city.

“When my staff member went out, he actually saw a needle going into the mouth of one of the animals to euthanize it,” she said.

They found another animal slowly dying.

“It had a tomato can on its head,” she said. “They said it suffocated.”

She’d seen enough – convinced the city to cancel its contract with Triangle.

“There are animals you can’t put back out on the streets and if you can’t, you have to euthanize them in a humane way,” Harris said.

Vets like Dr. Becky Morrow, who is also a Duquesne University professor, says the Triangle business is about one thing.

“It’s all about money,” she said. “If you don’t care about the animals and this is what I see time and time again, it’s all about the money at the end of the day.”

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