PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will face off tonight in the first of three presidential debates — and lots of local residents will be watching.

Or will try.

“If I can stay awake, yes, definitely,” says Donna Wolfson of Monroeville.

And here’s some advice to both candidates:

“Honesty, just honesty. Tell us like it is. If it’s going to be bad, tell us it’s going to be bad. That’s all,” says Irvin Summers of Greenfield.

“I just wish they would come together and do what’s best for the country and quit focusing on the division that’s going on,” adds Tim Rice of Mars.

“I think I’m looking for the truth, to be honest. I don’t think we’re going to get it,” notes Christa Hlavsa of South Park.

Some Obama supporters hope Romney will address his change of view on issues.

“I’m just not convinced that there is a center to Mitt Romney — that he knows who he is. I don’t think he could be taking these different positions if he believed in anything,” says Susan Morris of Downtown.

As for Romney supporters, there’s little the President can do to switch their votes.

“Probably, in all honesty no. I’m sort of a Romney supporter, and I can’t imagine Obama changing my mind,” notes Hervey Steiner of Hempfield.

But there are undecided voters up for grabs.

“Yeah, I have some preferences, but I’d like to hear more from both sides of the candidates,” says Mickey Pesanka of West Mifflin.

And another undecided voter is looking for a special skill in the next president.

“He has to be able to bring both sides to the table. Because if he can’t bring both sides to the table, we’re in the same stalemate,” says Sandy Olenick of Sewickley.

The truth is presidential debates rarely affect the outcome of the election, but sometimes they do — and that’s why millions of folks will tune in to tonight’s debate.

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