PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Outside the student union building on the Pitt campus Thursday, the voter registration table was open for business as students energized by last night’s debate were signing up.

“I feel like Obama wasn’t as prepared or didn’t exactly put as much thought and time into his answers almost like he had something better to be doing and Romney definitely came a lot stronger,” Hollin Nies said.

Some were less than impressed by what they saw.

“I don’t think either candidate did a great job of convincing me to change where I was at, where I was voting,” Marvin Nelson said. “I thought it was a fair debate and they handled the situation well. It was not the kind of thing to knock me off my seat.

Others were swayed.

“I thought Mitt Romney did a great job and I didn’t know who I wanted to vote for going into the debate but that just solidified my position absolutely,” Bridgett Dick said.

Even Obama supporters were impressed by the Republican nominee, but only to a point.

“Romney was a lot more charismatic than I thought he would be, but it seemed like a lot of the things people liked were a reversal of the campaign he’s been running,” Mikio Akagi said.

The president’s supporters would best be described as in shock over his performance.

“He made great points but unfortunately his energy was low,” Jonathan Black said. “I felt he could have picked up his energy.”

“I would like a little more energy, a little more getting people riled up for the election,” Anita James said.

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