ARNOLD (KDKA) — Police in Westmoreland County are investigating after a mother and son were discovered dead overnight inside of a home in Arnold.

Forensics teams and police were called to the home in the 1500-block of 3rd Avenue after 11 p.m. Thursday and remained there overnight and into the morning hours processing the scene.

Police say the gruesome discovery of the bodies of Bonnie Broadwater and Lance Holt came late Thursday when a friend of Bonnie stopped by to pick up a credit card and check on her welfare.

Their deaths have been ruled suspicious, but police are uncertain if their deaths are a result of a murder-suicide or a double homicide.

Broadwater is believed to be in her late 40s and Holt was in his mid-20s.

Paula Renee Brown lives next door. Overnight she says she was awoken by police with the shocking news.

“[The] policeman knocked on the door to ask me some questions and we saw all of this,” said Brown. “He told me there as a lady murdered next door.”

Police say it was around 11 p.m. when they got the call.

“My officers got here. They have a couple pet dogs in the house; as they knocked on the door, the dogs moved the curtains, my guys could see someone on the floor. They made entry,” said Chief William Weber, of Arnold Police.

Broadwater’s body was found on the first floor right inside the front door. Police aren’t saying where Holt’s body was found. They’d been dead for some time.

“We feel they’ve been down for approximately a few days,” said Chief Weber. “We don’t know how many at this point.”

Investigators spent the overnight hours into the morning processing the scene, taking pictures and gathering evidence.

“Time is ticking, but we also have to be methodical because we may be dealing with something other than a homicide here,” Chief Weber added.

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