INDIANA COUNTY — An Indiana County man is now headed to trial in the death of his girlfriend’s 17-month-old son. Shawn Anderson-Holmes waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Shawn Anderson-Holmes did not speak as he left a magistrate’s office in Clymer.

Anderson-Holmes is charged in the death of 17-month-old Colby Jozefczyk.

“We believe he was smothered by Mr. Anderson-Holmes. That the child was crying and Mr. Anderson-Holmes used his hands and smothered the child,” says Indiana County District Attorney, Patrick Dougherty.

The abuse took place inside of a home in Saltsburg where the child and his older sister were spending the weekend with their mother and her boyfriend.

The coroner initially said that the cause of death could not be determined but investigators later decided to file charges.

“Through the investigation and interviewing other people, we were able to determine that the defendant was involved in  how it happened,” Dougherty says.

Anderson-Holmes has been charged with criminal homicide.

Police say Colby Jozefczyk was also beaten with a hair brush by his mother.

Jozefczyk’s mother was also accused of abusing her older daughter Ava.

District Attorney Patrick Dougherty says the children’s father is thankful the case is finally moving forward.

“As with anything, when you have several months that go by and nothing seems to be happening, you get  a feeling of hopelessness. I do think that when they were notified of the charges and what was happening, I believe there was some relieve. But then there’s the actual agony of what  happened to your child,” Dougherty says.

Anderson-Holmes is now in jail without bond. 

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