PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Friday morning’s spectacular accident involved 2 school buses, 6 cars and a tractor trailer. The accident put 3 people in the hospital but despite that, police are thankful that the accident didn’t turn out worse.

“We’re very, very thankful this wasn’t worse,” Pittsburgh Commander Scott Schubert says.

Perhaps no one realizes this more than Linda Witherspoon because the tractor trailer’s destructive tear came to an end at her house.

“The truck just hit the whole side of the house,” Witherspoon says.

Witherspoon was about to put her grandchildren outside to go to school when she heard and saw the truck coming.

“He was going so fast it was like a big boom. When he hit the school bus, it was like a big boom boom boom,” Witherspoon says. “I thought we were going to die. I thought we were gone.”

In a split second, Witherspoon grabbed her grandchildren and shot to the left as the truck ripped into her home.

“If I didn’t react right they would have got me,” Witherspoon adds.

As the dust cleared, she looked outside and saw the driver of one of the buses.

Dominique Riley was lying on her front sidewalk crying for help.

Witherspoon saved her grandchildren and was determined to keep the injured young woman alive.

“She flew from my bus to my door. She kept saying am I going to be okay?  I said yes you’re going to be okay. You’re too young to die. You’re going to be okay,” Witherspoon recalls.

Paramedics eventually took Riley to the hospital for treatment.

Witherspoon’s home, however, may very well be uninhabitable due to damage done. Witherspoon says the damage is okay with her since she and her grandchildren are alive.

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