PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – On the TV show “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” Hercules was the half-god son of Zeus, who performed many feats of strength, had epic adventures, and was nearly indestructible.

It turns out, Hercules’ only weakness was a stroke.

Okay, not Hercules himself, but Kevin Sorbo, the actor who played him, did in fact have a stroke in his 30’s.

Conventional thought is that people who have strokes are usually older or are unhealthy, but Kevin was at his prime when multiple strokes almost took him out. Amazingly, he recovered and went on to continued success as an actor, but his story is a warning for everyone that stroke can happen at any time to anybody.

KDKA-AM’s Larry and John talk to Kevin about his new book, “True Strength,” which tells his story of having a stroke and his recovery, as well as his career and an interesting local tie.

Joining him is Dr. Ralph Sacco, neurologist and past president of the American heart Association, who talks about stroke facts and World Stroke Day, to remind people about the shadow of strokes.

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