PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Steelers will wear their 1934 throwback uniforms this weekend when they take on the Washington Redskins, and the national media is already taking notice.

USA Today calls them “absurd.” Yahoo says they’re “disturbingly ugly.” NBC Sports says the throwback is “the worst ever for any NFL team.” And ESPN says “you’ll understand why they were retired… or burned.”

The black and gold striped replicas date back to 1934.

Steelers’ fans like Dave DeSafey say they should have never been revived.

“When I look at that uniform,” he laughs, “it reminds me of the time I worked at the Allegheny County Jail.”

NBC Sports chimes in: “On Sunday, the Steelers will break out a look that looks like they broke out of prison.” And ESPN calls them “bumblebee prison uniforms.” Yahoo pulled no punches either saying the Steelers “will be sporting the dopiest socks in NFL history. The rest of the uniform only gets dopier as you work up.”

Yinzers Sports Store, in the Strip District, doesn’t carry the throwbacks. Owner Jim Coen says he gets very few requests.

“Now and again. Usually it’s from out of town,” he said. “Usually more of an oddball-type of person.”

Believe it or not, KDKA’s Dave Crawley found a fan who found the jersey fashionable. Helen Reeves, of Wheeling, is even brave enough to wear it.

“It’s unusual,” she admits. “I’m diehard Steelers.”


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