PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburghers are everywhere and that includes New York City, which is taking a pounding from Superstorm Sandy.

KDKA’s David Highfield talked on Monday with two people originally from our area, but who are now living in Big Apple.

Kelli Bracken grew up in Fox Chapel, but now finds herself weathering the monster storm in Manhattan.

“We got water and food and batteries,” said Bracken. “We even got tape for the windows if the wind starts blowing, and we’re afraid it’s going to break.”

She shot some video on her cell phone in which you can hear the wind howling.

“There’s just a lot of sirens, and I mean every shop is closed,” she said. “It’s New York. Everything is always open, and suddenly everything is closed.”

Bracken did not go to work on Monday and neither did Chris Heilman. He grew up in Indiana, Pa., but now lives in Queens.

“I can hear the wind rattling,” said Heilman. “I can hear it bouncing around off my windows.”

He says he hasn’t seen the street flooding happening in some areas of New York, but he has seen the effects of the wind.

“I saw a lot of downed garbage cans throwing around,” he said. “We saw the coffee shop right down below my apartment, the awning was completely ripped off.”

Neither Heilman nor Bracken say they are scared, but they are being careful.

Heilman smiled when he showed off a Pittsburgh care package he got from his mother just in time for the storm: Eat ‘n Park Smiley Face Cookies.

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