PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The relationship between doctor and patient is one of the most important aspects of your healthcare.

However, sometimes you need to cut the ties and move on.

When and how do you change doctors?

Libby McMullen’s son, Greyson, is a healthy baby boy, but she had some trouble with her OB/GYN during his birth.

Her prenatal visits went well and she was happy with her doctor, but when it was time to give birth, the doctor was rude and unwilling to address her concerns.

“I get to the hospital to be induced and that morning, I get there and everything we had talked about and planned for my induction went out the window,” McMullen said.

Now, she’s looking for a new doctor.

“There are many reasons why patients feel it’s necessary to switch doctors; whether they don’t agree with the doctor’s bedside manner, treatment options, or it’s hard to get a hold of their doctor or get an appointment scheduled. The bottom line is, if you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor, it’s time to move on,” Angie Hicks from Angie’s List said.

However, before breaking up with your doctor, be sure to find a new one.

Ask family and friends for recommendations and be sure to check the doctors’ credentials and online reviews.

Make sure the doctor you’ve chosen is accepting new patients and make sure the doctor is covered by your insurance plan.

You should also have your medical records sent to your new doctor’s office.

“If you do decide you want to let your doctor know why you’re switching, you can either tell them in person or tell them over the phone. If you are not comfortable doing that, consider an e-mail,” Hicks said.

The bottom line is you’re the paying customer.

If you’re uncomfortable with your current doctor, don’t let the embarrassment of switching keep you from making the move that’s right for you.

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