PITTSBRUGH (KDKA) — First grader Seth Pesanski had reason to cheer Tuesday, he brought Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley to Hartwood Elementary School, with the support of twin sister Sage.

It was a visit with a message.

“What I want to talk to you about a little bit is health and fitness,” Woodley said to children filling the gymnasium, “staying in shape.”

Seth’s on-line entry won Verizon’s “Show and Tell with the NFL” sweepstakes.

Michael Pesanski says his son is thrilled.

“Ah, he’s fired up,” Pesanski said. “He loves it.”

Seth’s first grade teacher, Kristen Vergerio, says he’s very popular these days.

“Seth is an absolute hero, and not just in first grade, but our community,” Vergerio said. “So we are very appreciative and very excited about this event.”

Woodley stopped in Seth and Sage’s classroom, to answer probing questions, like “Do you have any pets?”

“German shepherd,” he responded. “I have a dog.”

He also offered some life lessons.

“You have to learn how to share things around the facilities,” Woodley said. “Help out one another, because sometimes it’s a little tough learning the plays. But your teammates are always there to help you.”

During the impromptu news conference, kids got an answer that journalists have had trouble pinning down.

“My foot injury?” Woodley laughed. “You’re like the reporters, huh? I was actually playing in the game on Sunday, and somebody fell on my foot. So I was hurt a little bit, but I should be back out there Sunday.”

That’s the latest scoop, from the pint size reporters of Hartwood Elementary.

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