MONESSEN (KDKA) — All but one person has been taken into custody, facing charges in connection with an attack on a man outside a local Elks Club in Monessen.

It all stems from the fatal shooting of 36-year-old Chris Fincik who was found dead in his home earlier this week.

Fincik had good friends, and his murder early Monday shook them up big time. They called Fincik a good guy.

“He’s a very good dude; do anything for anybody – like Santa Claus come on Christmas, you got a turkey on Thanksgiving, the Easter Bunny on Easter – he was that type of guy,” said one friend.

Those friends were trying to raise a few bucks Wednesday to help pay for Fincik’s funeral.

“Sending the money to his mother so she can take care of some of the stuff that needs taken care of with the funeral,” added another of the victim’s friends.

There are five suspects. Four have been arrested, but are not charged in the Fincik murder. Authorities say they are accused in an alleged attack on another man who claims they killed Fincik.

“One of my boys approached a kid about making accusations over the murder that happened the other day,” said Jim Stepoli, the suspects’ father. “My son smacked him in the face. The kid got up and ran.”

Stepoli’s three kids, two of them former standout athletes, are in custody right now accused of attempted murder. He says they didn’t try to kill anyone.

“Some other kids that were there end up involving themselves, chase the kid down the street, start shooting at him, none of my three children were ever involved with any gunplay or anything of that nature,” Stepoli added.

Police have one of the two other suspects that they are looking for in custody. They are still searching for a Monessen man.

Man Found Shot To Death In Monessen (12/3/12)
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