PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The timing of the snow expected Wednesday morning could be tricky.

PennDOT crews say they will monitor the weather situation throughout the night and then act accordingly.

Salt is piled high, ready to be spread on city streets early in the morning.

“We have crews come in at 10 p.m. to work through to 6 a.m.,” Pittsburgh Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski said. “Then the workers will come in at 6 a.m. and work until 2 p.m. and a crew that works from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.”

With the forecast changing, Kaczorowski will be monitoring the conditions to determine a response.

“It’s in between phases for us right now,” he said.

Many municipalities are doing the same thing.

Crews in North Huntingdon are ready to hit the roads as needed.

“Our police department, they’ll out and about and they’ll be keeping us informed as to the conditions,” Rich Albert with the public works department said. “So as soon as we hear something, we’ll go out and do what we need to do.”

With many people off of work and children off of school, morning traffic should be lighter than usual, but drivers should be vigilant.

“If you don’t necessarily have to go out, don’t go out,” Albert said.

Because of the holiday, there’s also not a lot of pre-treatment on the roads.

Authorities suggest waiting a little while before heading out for any post-holiday shopping or activities Wednesday.

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