By Andy Sheehan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What’s your perfect Christmas day ?

While most people like to hang out in the house with friends and family — others like to get out and do something — like go skating.

“I just think it’s great you can come down the center of the city and skate on Christmas,” one man said.

At the rink in PPG Plaza some people say they’ve have found a new Christmas day tradition — taking a spin on the ice with family.

“The weather’s perfect,” one woman said. “We got our Steelers garb on, our penguin garb on and we’re having a good time. do I skate well, No. Kids skate really well.”

Others — like Gilliland family — found their way downtown to visit the creche on Grant Street to feel the deeper meaning of Christmas.

“It’s not about the presents at all,” Mary Ann Gilliland said. “It’s a very special day.”

“It’s about spending time with your family and how Jesus was born,” Kate Gilliland said.

Still others find that a seat at a matinee movie is the perfect respite from the bustling holiday season.

Laverne Kemp went to the Lowe’s at the waterfront to see Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained.

“Go to dinner, not cook and go to the movies,” Kemp said.

When asked if that was the perfect Christmas, she said, “that’s the perfect Christmas, after thanksgiving and all that work. this is it. It’s heaven.”

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