PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Ready or not, it’s time to break out the snow shovels and the salt.

Mother Nature is letting us know winter has arrived.

“All the maps are showing that there is a lot of snow coming, so I figured it was time,” said Sandy Truver, of West View.

All over the area, people packed hardware stores to stock up on winter weather items.

At Vater’s Hardware in the North Hills, employees were expecting a busy day. Customers were up early the day after Christmas and at the store as soon as it opened.

“It gets hairy, probably with a large amount of snow, we’ll probably sell a lot of snow brushes and snow shovels as well,” said Tom Helinski, of Vater’s Hardware.

The business is a welcome sight. Up until this point, people haven’t really needed snow supplies.

“Anytime they call for more than four inches of snow, we usually get very busy,” Helinski said. “We are looking forward to it; we could use it.”

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