PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Get used to more Olivias and Noahs in the world, according to a list of some of the most popular baby names in our area.

West Penn Allegheny Health System put together the list based on 3,400 births at West Penn Hospital in Bloomfield and Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville through November of this year.

For girls, the list is:

  1. Olivia
  2. Sophia
  3. Emma
  4. Aubrey/Aubree
  5. Isabella
  6. Madison
  7. Lily/Lilly
  8. Abigail
  9. Addison
  10. (tie) Victoria, Ava

As for boy’s names, here are the 10 most popular:

  1. Noah
  2. Jackson/Jaxon
  3. Mason
  4. Brayden/Braden
  5. Michael
  6. Owen
  7. Gavin
  8. Elijah
  9. (tie) Alexander, Colton, Dylan, Lucas
  10. (tie) Declan, Logan

West Penn found that more than 100 of the 700 girls’ names in 2012 started with the letter “A.”

And if you’re wondering what up-and-coming names are, they list these: For girls: Aaliyah (also spelled Aleah), Harper, London and Kennedy. For boys: Wyatt, Sawyer, Myles and Lincoln.

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