PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — He’s accused of ripping off the unsuspecting — taking money for roof and driveway repairs, doing slipshod work and then disappearing.

Members of the Garden City Volunteer firefighters paid Lawrence Mitchell and his son, Mario, to replace their roof.

“They just cut pieces of it, and I’d don’t know, Elmer’s glued them on. You step on this and you can hear the water swishing in there,” volunteer firefighter Rich Atwood. “If he’s willing to do this to a volunteer fire company, he’s willing to do it to an old couple on social security or a handicapped couple who have no means of finding extra money.”

Lawrence Mitchell appeared in court Tuesday on charges of fraud and theft by deception.

KDKA’s Andy Sheehan: “Mr. Mitchell anything to say to the firefighters? Anything to say to the people who say you ripped them off, sir?”

Mitchell is charged with operating companies called Able Roofing, Able 1 Roofing and Dun-Right Roofing.

He is also charged with theft for allegedly fixing the roof on Knickerbocker Supply for $20,000. Vents they put on their roof, turned out not be vents at all, just dummies.

Sheehan: “So, you were basically taken?”

Knickerbocker Russell Company’s Bill Phillips: “Oh yeah, big time.”

But on Tuesday, the hearing was postponed because authorities cannot locate his son, Mario.

Sheehan: “Where’s your son, sir?”

The Mitchells face another court hearing in February at which time the District Attorney hopes that Mario Mitchell can be found.

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