During the first 10 weeks of the CANS FOR PETS recycling campaign animal lovers in Western Pennsylvania have recycled more than 6,500 aluminum pet food cans – and already raised several hundred dollars to aid homeless animals at a local shelter.

In celebration of the milestone, the campaign’s organizers – Alcoa Foundation and Pennsylvania Resources Council – today presented a check to the Animal Rescue League & Wildlife Center to support the shelter’s efforts.

“Since the Cans for Pets campaign launched on November 1, concerned pet owners have dropped off 6,500 clean, empty aluminum pet food cans at our designated locations,” said PRC Regional Director Dave Mazza. “Through the generous support of the Alcoa Foundation, a nickel for every aluminum pet food can recycled is being donated to the Animal Rescue League to aid animals in our area.”

After accepting the check, ARL Executive Director Dan Rossi stated, “The Cans for Pets program is a great motivator for citizens and businesses to get involved in an effort that will help thousands of animals and enrich the lives of new adopting families. This first donation of $325 will provide funding for the shelter to purchase more than 450 cans of pet food to feed the animals in our care.”

The Alcoa Foundation launched the CANS FOR PETS campaign in partnership with PRC as a two-year effort to raise awareness while increasing the total number of aluminum pet food cans recycled each year. According to an industry survey, the recycling rates for aluminum pet food cans is significantly less than that of aluminum beverage cans: a 20% rate for pet food cans vs 65% rate for beverage cans.

“There’s no limit to how many times an aluminum pet food can may be recycled, which means that an aluminum pet food can that someone recycles today can be made into a new pet food can and be back on store shelves in as little as 60 days,” according to Alcoa’s Director of Corporate Communications, Kevin Lowery. “We see tremendous potential for recycling aluminum pet food cans and hope that rinsing and saving these containers soon becomes as routine as any other commitment to recycling.”

Individuals can drop off clean, empty aluminum pet food cans at the following locations:

6620 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh (East End)

6000 Verona Road, Penn Hills

64 S. 14th Street, Pittsburgh (South Side)

2858 Banksville Road, Pittsburgh (Banksville)

For hours of operation and maps to these collection sites, visit http://www.prc.org/petcan.

“Cans for Pets is a simple concept, but it’s definitely a win-win for everyone involved,” according to Mazza. “Fluffy and Fido get to enjoy their favorite meals, pet lovers get a chance to keep empty aluminum pet food cans out of local landfills, and the Animal Rescue League receives a nickel for every aluminum pet food can collected as part of this project.”

ARL -- Nickel

NICKEL accepted the donation — and she is looking for a forever home!

CANS FOR PETS is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Alcoa Foundation in partnership with PRC, Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center, Petco and the City of Pittsburgh.

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