PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The city’s South Side with its slopes and flats was once synonymous with heavy industry and “studda bubbas” scrubbing their front stoops.

Now, the busy East Carson Street corridor is more likely to bring to mind it’s nearly 100 bars with hoisting “brewskis” being the only heavy lifting.

Over the weekend it’s party time, and Monday morning, an ugly wake-up call.

“I mean, I walk down the street and I see piles of throw-up – it’s disgusting. There’s always broken glass and bottles,” says Debi Kelly who was born on the South Side and now works there.

But beginning tonight, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is promising a safer South Side – dubbing it “The Blitz.”

Saturation patrols of alleyways are returning, according to the Mayor.

“We’ll be on the lookout to cite for disorderly conduct such as public drunkenness and urination,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said.

Police will be aggressively checking for DUIs and illegally parked vehicles will be towed.

Building inspectors and firefighters will also be on the job cracking down on overcrowded bars.

Long-time resident Paul O’Donnell says, “Somebody’s gotta do something. I don’t know if it’s the right action to take.”

“The Blitz” is the first effort to implement the “Pittsburgh Sociable City Plan,” which is a $100,000 study to correct chronic problems associated with nightlife.

“It’s gonna be able to clean up the streets around here,” says Jon Wantz, manager of “The Local” bar and restaurant. “Make it a nicer place for everybody to come down to and not have to worry about the riff-raff and the crime in the area.”

Joseph Friedman who’s lived on Jane Street for a year is all for public safety, as long as they don’t lose the flavor.

“I hope that it’s still a fun and friendly atmosphere as it usually is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights,” he said.

Mayor Ravenstahl Lays Out Plan To Restore Safety On South Side (1/15/13)
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