WASHINGTON D.C. (KDKA) – Federal officials are now looking into the fatal Legionnaire’s Disease outbreak at the Pittsburgh VA.

Some researches blame VA officials for the incident and how it was handled.

So far, all information regarding the outbreak from the Veteran’s Administration has been through written statements, but all of that will change Tuesday when witnesses testify under oath at a congressional hearing.

“The whole thing is getting to the truth and sadly it’s been a little difficult to get to the truth here,” Rep. Tim Murphy said.

That’s why Murphy pushed for Tuesday’s hearing on why Legionnaire’s has been linked to so many deaths.

“The question here is what did the VA know and when did they know it,” Murphy said. “There are indications that they knew something in December of 2011. And did they notify doctors and medical staff at the time? Did they properly flush the systems?”

A CBS investigation raised similar questions about the VA’s report of Legionnaire’s to consultant Liquitech in 2011.

Among those expected to testify are two doctors who left the VA and claim the VA did not use the water system they advocated.

“We will probably find that the standards that are set for monitoring Legionellae in water systems may not be adequate,” Murphy said.

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