PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – In January of 2012 surveillance video shows a woman leaving the Rivers Casino on her way home to Beaver County.

What she didn’t know was a blue SUV had been driving around the parking garage for about a half hour. When it stopped the driver didn’t get out but followed her car when she left.

Prosecutors say the driver was Arthur Henderson who is accused of raping the woman.

In a separate case, authorities say another woman was raped in her Ross Township apartment at gunpoint after her husband was tied up.

On Wednesday, acting as his own defense attorney, Henderson cross examined both.

He asked the woman: “Did you have sex?”

“No,” she angrily replied. “You raped me.”

To the husband he asked: “If the man was masked how do you know it was me?”

Husband: “I recognize your voice.”

Then, Henderson implied the whole thing was prearranged.

Henderson: “Have you ever been involved in a money transaction for a sexual encounter?”

Husband: “No.”

Henderson: “Have you ever been involved in a threesome?”

Husband: “No.”

Henderson: “Are you bisexual?”

The prosecutor objected. The judge sustained the objection.

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, recognizing that defendants have a right to represent themselves, is amazed at the tactics.

“It’s hard enough to face your attacker when he sits at the defense table,” said P.A.A.R Executive Director Alison Hall. “But it’s quite something else to be questioned by him as that kind of adversary.”


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