PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) -Signing Day has come and gone and by all accounts, Pitt did quite well for themselves.

Head coach Paul Chryst spoke with The Fan Morning Show on Thursday about the recruiting class and how the team is shaping up for the future.

Chryst was asked about the possibility of new recruits redshirting their first year.

“I think in the end we will red shirt a good number of them, but at the same time, I think every one of them has to come in ready to go and ready to compete, and then you kind of see where they’re at. There will be some certainly that will play,” Chryst said.

The recruiting process also requires the coaching staff to walk a line between wooing players and being honest with them.

“To me, when you go and start this recruiting process, the whole thing’s about finding a fit. It’s our job to identify guys that we think will be a good fit with Pitt, and then it’s their job, their responsibility to find out where’s a good fit for them,” Chryst said.

“In the player-coach relationship, one of the most important things is trust, so we’re going to build it, and I approach it like every one of these kids is coming, and therefore, you better be better be straightforward. You’re building the relationship so those ones that do come to your place, you’ve been shooting them straight the whole time.”

“You avoid a lot of headaches down the road if you shoot them straight to begin with.”

Chryst also offered very high praise for prized recruits Dorian Johnson and Tyler Boyd.

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