PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) –  Admit it- you love playing with new gadgets. That’s why we talk to Dr. Frank Viggiano, the Gadget Guru, to tell us all about the newest tech and gadgets available.

Dr. Frank talks to KDKA-AM’s Larry Richert about a bunch of new gadgets, including the new Samsung S4, a robotic window cleaner, a wrist based health monitor, and more.  He also talks about National Poison Prevention Week and why you should buy vinyl windows.

“Most homes built before 1970 in Pittsburgh have lead paint on the windows,” says Dr. Frank. “Every time you open the window, there are particles of lead that are released, they go into the environment, and affect the health of everyone in the home.”

Dr. Frank likes to look at tech that makes life easier, and he’s really into the new robotic window cleaner- and it really works.

“It has a series of motors inside that provide suction,” says Dr. Frank. “You put it on the window, press the on button, and it has a GPS brain that when it’s traveling, if it hits one of the frames, will recalculate to figure out where to go.”

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For more information on Dr. Frank and all his gadgets, visit www.whatsnewdrfrank.com.

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