By Jessica BerardinoBy Mike Pintek

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Oxygen has been determined to be the most abundant element on the Earth, followed by silicon.

Through modern Czochralski growth, mono-crystalline Silicon Wafers are produced. Silicon Quartz is believed to be to drive the human race through our dreams and desires.

The Sisters of the Lattice are two women who believe in using electronics to connect rather than disconnect. All electronic devices are made with silicon and they believe with meditation through technology, you can connect with energy waves, even if the person isn’t next to you.

The sisters perform ceremonies with individuals that use a cell phone or an electronic tablet to connect with another person. This weekend the Sisters of the Lattice will be at 921 Liberty Avenue, in a parking lot, holding a “Hot Spot” center for personal saunas to be used by their chosen “links.”

The women spread around the city spheres of silicon with a phone number on it to call and join in the ceremony. The ladies invite anyone interested to call (412)-353-9372.

When NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Mike Pintek was first saw their ceremonies on video he was hesitant to believe that these women were really serious about what they were doing. So he asked.

“Technology is how we connect, so why not take a deeper look at what we’re really using and see if we can form, through energy, a deeper connection,” said Nina. She further explains that all rituals are based off of a personal experience and how we build our meta-physical practices, like wearing black to a funeral.

“We should think about how we are communicating with people, and not make it routine,” said Agnes. “We need to look for a better way, a more personal experience.”

Mike brought up the question of religion and what they’re intent is with that. He really wanted to know if they felt that they were starting a new religion, like Scientology. The sisters described that they are not against organized religion. They actually believe in belief and spirituality as a creative possibility to help us construct individual beliefs in the world.

“We’re simply asking people to take that leap and try something new,” said Nina. She continues to state that they are not telling people to stop using technology, but they want to change the way people look at technology. She openly admits that this has been four years in developing this ritual as they go. But remarks what ceremonies weren’t “made-up”?

“We are asking an open question to just consider changing your habits,” said Agnes. “We want people to see that technology should be considered as a way to connect rather than increase the distance.”

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