PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s spring — yes spring — but the weather forecast overnight looks like anything but.

Because the forecast is all about snow, big snow, inches of it, snow that we usually don’t see this time of year.

“From a historical perspective, we’ve only had snow on the ground, this date or later of six inches or more four times,” Michael Fries with the National Weather Service said.

And only one of those was a part of recent history: 1987 to be exact. In that year, 7.7 inches of snow fell on April 3 and 4, which made it into the history books.

Before that, to find snowfall more than six inches this time year, well, you have to go back to the early 1900s.

So if the forecast for Sunday into Monday hits the mark – this could be a record maker. But drivers Sunday night didn’t care much about breaking records.

“I hate the snow,” said Mt. Washington resident Kristin Kefe. “I hate driving in it, if I didn’t have to drive in it, I wouldn’t mind it.”

“Hopefully I can get back home to Cleveland before I have to drive through it,” Cleveland resident Jeff Wilson said.

PennDOT planned to pre-treat the roads as much as possible so that the roads won’t be as bad. And the National Weather Service says the good news is the ground never really froze this winter – so whatever snow we get won’t last long at all.

“Based on what we’re expecting the temperatures to be tomorrow and tomorrow night, it may last through the day and tomorrow night,” Fries said. “But after that, when the ground’s not frozen and the sun angle, the sun is really high right now, the sun is essentially the equivalent to what it is in September.”

But that’s little consolation to the folks who say, “Hey, it’s spring.” It’s really not supposed to be snowing like this at all.

“Just want it to go away,” Alese Gwynn of Ambridge said. “It’s freezing.”

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