By Bob Pompeani

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pitt head basketball coach Jamie Dixon knows the Panthers didn’t do their best this past season, but is taking it in stride.

He says the team didn’t do their best, especially when they lost out on the NCAA tournament.

“All the things we normally do, we didn’t do,” Dixon said.

“It’s disappointing,” he later added.

Watch a clip of Dixon talk to Bob Pompeani on the Allegheny Sports Medicine Sports Report:

However, he says he’s excited for the next season and ready to make the necessary adjustments for next year.

One area in particular that Pitt has been criticized for is its shooters.

“I knew going into the year, this was not going to be our best shooting team,” Dixon said.

But Dixon is unapologetic, saying that if the team takes on better shooters, it might lose strength in other areas.

“But I think there’s no question it wasn’t a strength of ours,” he added.

Overall though, he’s proud of Pitt’s scores and notes, saying there’s only a small difference between the top teams.

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