PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s an ad that some find hilarious, while others find it a bit too edgy.

Regardless of your opinion, lots of people are talking about Kmart’s new “Ship your pants!” commercial.

The point of the ad is that Kmart has free shipping for items that you’re unable to find in one of their stores, but the ad’s expertly delivered lines sound like the actors are using an expletive and saying something entirely different.

KDKA’s David Highfield Reports:

Michael Brunner, the head of Brunner Inc., an advertising agency in Pittsburgh, is a big fan of the ad. He says when he saw it, he couldn’t quit laughing.

As for whether the ad will be effective, he says it’s already gotten people to talk about Kmart.

His company does national TV spots but was not involved in the Kmart ad.

Brunner says Kmart shouldn’t be concerned if a few people are offended because if you try to please everyone you can wind up with a bland product.

The Chicago Business Journal reports that Kmart put the commercial on the Internet to gauge reaction, but plans to eventually air it on national television.

Watch the commercial here:

Kmart “Ship My Pants” Commercial Goes Viral (4/12/13)
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