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The question I am asked the most by people who know I test and critique cars for a living (besides can you get me a deal?) is Yo Vinnie, what are you driving this week? So something new…my first impressions of what I am driving this week. Short sweet and to the point. Some inside scoop on the cars I drive before the full review.

So I pull into my driveway with this week’s Drivetime Road Test vehicle, The BMW X3 2.8 X Drive compact crossover and my neighbor comes running over to ask me how I like it. Like with most BMW’s I drive I ask him, “What’s not to like? It’s beautifully designed, roomy, interior panels are top grade, it runs like a top, goes like a banshee and it’s a deep sexy maroon color.”

It’s perfect! That’s what’s wrong says the neighbor. I want something not so perfect. I want a little feeling in my driving experience.

So my quest for this week will be to find something imperfect about the BMW X3. After 4 days and a few hundred miles so far it’s all Ferris wheels and cotton candy on a 70 degree day, but believe me, I’m trying.

It handles about as like a sports car as can be and better than you would expect from a somewhat tall crossover, the turbo doesn’t have much if any lag and the 2.8 litre engine gives you more out of less. The 8 speed transmission shifts on command or at its own will and there is a setting for every type of driving preference except “nitwit in the left lane.”

So far it’s been pretty fun to drive but don’t worry. By the time I review the X3, I am sure I’ll find SOMETHING to make my neighbor happy.

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