PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What happened in Boston is definitely on the minds of local runners, with the upcoming Pittsburgh Marathon.

That’s especially true for two runners who were right there in Boston when the bombs went off.

Angela Lawrence and Kim Hohman, both of Mercer, had just crossed the finish line minutes before the explosions.

“People were asking was that supposed to happen?” said Lawrence. “They thought maybe, like the first sound, before you saw it, was like a firework. That’s what crossed your mind because you don’t expect a bomb.”

“It shook the ground and you just heard it once and we paused,” Hohman said. “You look at the crowd and don’t know what to think, and then the second one went off and you get this awful pit in your stomach.”

They scrambled to find their loved ones – who fortunately were not hurt. But both runners say being so close has impacted them.
“It’s changed my life… terrified my kids,” said Lawrence.

Both women were thrilled to be part of a run on Pittsburgh’s North Shore Monday night to show support for Boston.

“This means so much to us,” said Hohman. “I said, ‘We’re going to be here in a heartbeat.’”

Pittsburgh is one of hundreds of cities across the nation that held “fun runs” to raise money for One Fund Boston – which helps people who were affected by the blasts.

About 300 runners, dressed in the blue and yellow of the Boston Marathon, ran along the Allegheny River.

Some runners admit that they’ve thought about safety concerning the upcoming Pittsburgh Marathon and the threat of any copy cats.

However, runners told KDKA-TV’s David Highfield that they feel secure that increased security will keep them safe. They also feel it’s more important than ever to show up on race day.

“You can’t think about that all the time because it can happen anywhere anytime,” said Lawrence. “And honestly, after that, I feel like security is going to be so tight.”

“You just hope that people won’t be that sick and do that again,” said Hohman. “You just have to believe that everything will be safe.”

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