McDONALD (KDKA) — Police have now filed charges against two men accused of setting up a moonshine making operation in a shed in Washington County.

According to police, Matthew Kirks and Matthew Zirwas are facing five counts of recklessly endangering another person under the alcohol act, one count of possession of liquor, one count of distilling liquor without a license, possession of a small amount of marijuana and one count of disorderly conduct.

Earlier this month, officers seized two metal kegs, copper and rubber tubing, a propane burner, a jar filled with mash, a concoction of sugar, yeast, a starch fruit or grain and mason jars filled with high-proof potent liquid from the shed next to a mobile home on James Way.

Initially, the two men – Zirwas from Carnegie and Kirks who owns the mobile home – told police they were making fuel for stock car racing.

But their real inspiration may have come from a reality show on the Discovery Channel.

A recipe for Banana Brandy Moonshine, Hillbilly Stills Citric Acid Powder and $680 in cash were also recovered.

Officers explained to the men that moonshining is not only illegal, but potentially explosive.

McDonald Police Shut Down Moonshine Operation Possibly Inspired By Reality Show (4/23/13)
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