PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — David Neese of Star City, W. Va., says his daughter’s murder was senseless, adding he can’t imagine why anyone would want to “kill a beautiful little girl.”

Neese talked to KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti Wednesday night, hours after one of 16-year-old Skylar Neese’s best friends pleaded guilty in a Morgantown courtroom to a charge of second degree murder.

The suspect is 16-year-old Rachel Shoaf, a classmate of Neese’s.

Another juvenile girl has also been arrested, she has not been identified.

Neese left her parent’s home last July, her body found in January across the state line, alongside a road in Wayne Township, Greene County.

“I hate to say this, but never trust your kids,” David Neese said. “Know where they’re going, know who their friends are.”

Neese also expressed sympathy for the parents of Shoaf, and the other girl under arrest, saying, “they’re good people, just like us, you don’t raise your child to kill someone.”

The Shoaf family also expressed sympathy for the Neese family.

“We are at a loss for words to comfort your pain,” a statement from the Shoaf family read. “We were shocked to learn of our daughter’s involvement and there is no way to describe the pain that we too are feeling knowing our daughter was involved in Skylar’s death. We are truly sorry for the pain that she has caused the Neese family, and we know her actions are unforgivable and inexcusable.”

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