PITTSBURGH (KDKA)— You can find five year old Liam Petrosky practicing his hockey skills in his yard out in Bridgeville.

Last week, he got a lesson from a pretty good teacher.

Marc Andre Fleury spent some one-on-one time with Liam during Pens practice.

He and his mom have attended a lot of practices but this happened unexpectedly.

“Fleury saw Liam observing him and Liam did not take his eyes off of Fleury,” says Liam’s mother Kelly Petrosky. “After practice, Fleury stopped and said, ‘Bring your stick and your helmet tomorrow. You’re going to practice with me on the ice.’ We came the next day and after practice, Fleury said come on and Liam went and it’s all great from there.”

The session lasted about fifteen minutes and you can bet it’s a feeling Liam, at age five, will never forget.

“I think it was for real,” Liam says. “Like I was a real Pittsburgh Penguin.”

Over time, Liam and his family have collected plenty of Penguins memorabilia.

Fleury also gave him and autographed stick he used during playoff game two last time.

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