Teens don’t always make the best choices.

In most cases – the mistakes aren’t that serious –

And they learn from the experience.

It’s part of growing up.

But when you combine bad judgment with alcohol or drugs –

It’s a formula for disaster.

How many car crashes have there been –

After kids got high –

And someone was seriously hurt – or died?

Or – remember the rape case in Steubenville, Ohio?

That happened during a night of partying – with lots of alcohol.

A sixteen-year-old girl got so drunk she passed out.

Two high school football players sexually assaulted her –

Other kids took photos of her –

And they left her lying – naked – in someone’s house.

Alcohol left her defenseless –

And clouded the judgment of her attackers.

The decisions they made that night changed their lives forever.

That’s not the legacy we want our kids to have.

Parents try to teach their children to make good choices.

But no adult should let kids drink –

No matter how grown-up they look on prom night or graduation.

We want them to have fun – and to have a future.

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