It seems the U-S Veterans Affairs Secretary has some ‘splainin’ to do.

Last month – Michael Moreland –

Who’s in charge of the VA’s Pittsburgh region –

Got a nearly 63-thousand dollar bonus –

And received the Presidential Distinguished Rank Award.

Somehow – before giving Mr. Moreland a fat check –

A gold pin –

And a fancy dinner –

None of the VA higher-ups noticed that –

On his watch –

A Legionnaires disease outbreak occurred at the Pittsburgh V-A –

And continued –

Unreported –

Until more than twenty veterans got sick –

And five died.

Local VA officials wouldn’t talk to anyone –

Not vets or their families –

Not reporters –

Not even members of Congress.

It took the VA’s Office of the Inspector General to get answers.

Its report is scathing.

And begs the question –

With clear evidence of poor management –

How on earth could Mr. Moreland get a presidential award?

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki [shin-SEK-kee] owes veterans and taxpayers both answers –

And action.

That includes taking back the award and the bonus.

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