PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Four-year-old Macin DeFazio and his parents arrived at CONSOL Energy Center Friday night ready to see their first Penguins’ game together as a family.

Inside, the Pens’ mascot, Iceburgh, greeted Macin with a bag full of junior ice hockey equipment.

“I love this!” Macin said of the new gear.

Like any super fan, little Macin immediately grabbed his new stick and started slapping the puck.

Macin caught the attention of the Penguins’ organization after they saw his YouTube video and KDKA’s story of him effortlessly reciting the names of the Pens’ players by jersey number.

“Stories happen during the playoffs, but this one really blew us as away; and we thought we have to find out who this kid is,” said Tom McMillian, of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Macin’s mom Lindsay says her son, who at 2-years-old could count to 100, took notice of the game when the DeFazio family regularly had Penguins’ hockey games on.

“He would ask, what number’s who, and it just went from there,” said Lindsay.

His parents say the team’s gift could be laying the foundation for a future player.

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