PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s been a day of storm preps across the region from Westmoreland County to Allegheny County and everywhere in between.

A predicted storm, expected to make its way through overnight, could bring strong winds and flash flooding.

It’s that risk that has emergency management officials preparing everyone for the worst, including making sure sewers are debris free.

On the edge of the South Side, those who live right next to a creek say they’ve been through the worst and until the storm hits they’ll stay positive.

“I’m not too concerned about it,” Larry Pendzich said. “I think we’re making it more of a hype than it is. We will find out tomorrow though.”

Meanwhile, exhibitors at the Three Rivers Arts Festival were preparing for whatever the storm brings.

They were wrapping up breakables and securing tents. Those who’ve seen Mother’s Nature destroy their livelihood in the past say they’re not taking any chances.

“One year, we had our fridge blow over here and the whole tent was pushed, but this year we’re ready for it,” Mike Xenakis, an arts festival vendor, said.

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