NEW BRIGHTON (KDKA) – In the midst of the storms overnight, tragedy unfolded in a Beaver County house where a fire broke out and one man didn’t make it out alive.

“The man had stayed behind to try and find his dog, while his fiancé and daughter made it out of the house. He would not make it out to join them,”

Shawn Molter was days away from his 36th birthday. He was a father and engaged to be married next June. When his fiancé woke him up this morning screaming that there was a fire, he ordered her to grab their daughter and get out.

“She said that she was trying to wake him up. She could assure he was awake and she ran out and got Macey, ran downstairs and ran to the neighbor’s house. So, he was with the dog,” Robert Turkovich said.

“He told her to get the child out and he was trying to get the dog out,” New Brighton Fire Chief Jeff Bolland said.

Shawn’s fiancé, Brittney, had burns to her hands and their 4-year-old, Macey was suffering from smoke inhalation.

Brittney was upset that Shawn was still inside and a neighbor said he attempted to go in after him, but the fire was too intense. Firefighters also pushed back when they got to the scene.

“When you get onto a scene like this, just trying to figure out how to go in and get someone, but when flames were blowing out through all the windows and the roof was collapsing, it’s devastating. It’s hard to try and get in and try to save somebody like this,” Chief Bolland said.

The fire started just after four, as a storm rolled through the area. Officials said it may have started in the living room before making its way quickly through the rest of the home. The roof over the living room also collapsed. Friends arrived at the house and were devastated to learn Shawn didn’t make it out.

“He’ll be missed. Greatly missed,” Jeff Pearce said.

Officials also said the dog Shawn stayed behind to rescue perished in the fire.

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