CONNELLSVILLE (KDKA) – Vandals struck a neighborhood in Fayette County overnight and dozens of people woke up to find their car tires had been slashed.

Not only were dozens of tires slashed, but three big slice marks were found on a family’s pool.

Connellsville Police said thousands of dollars in damages were caused in a matter of hours.

“I thought maybe it was just me, maybe I ran something over. Then, I looked around and saw everyone else’s,” Jim Hall said.

“Some vehicles had all four tires slashed including their spare,” Connellsville Police Chief James Capitos said. “We’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars.”

Roughly 30 to 60 vehicles had their tires slashed early Monday morning. But, there was also other property damage, such as the slashed pool on Washington Street.

“I bought my home in February and I’m ready to move out already,” Robin Dean said.

“It makes me feel really sad because that was all we had to do and we have nothing left,” Donna Abrams said.

The area has been hit by vandals before, but police believe that this time, five adults and one teenager were behind the damage. About three streets were targeted and police said the reason why they did it was appalling.

“When these individuals were apprehended last night, the reason they gave for what they did, was that they were bored,” Chief Capitos said.

Connellsville Police don’t have a final tally on damages yet because they believe there could be more victims.


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