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BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) – Residents in Bridgeville are cleaning up after Wednesday morning storms caused some significant flooding.

The creek waters rose quickly and trapped some people in their homes along Baldwin Road in Bridgeville. The water was swift enough to carry off cars and dumpsters.

“It just literally came out of nowhere.” Leah Hast said.

Hast was one of the people rescued.

“They told me to get to the second-story floor because it was still flooded. My neighbor went down and I went to try and help her,” Hast said.

Hast had her legs bandaged from breaking a window to get to higher ground. Her neighbor was swept away by the waters while trying to rescue her cat.

Others were able to make it out before it was too late.

“I got my girl out of our place, and we went for higher ground and then kept going for higher ground,” one man said.

The woman who tried to rescue her cat was found clinging to the side of a delivery truck. She was rescued and was not injured in the incident.

Officials said they were very lucky that no one was seriously injured in today’s flooding.


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