HANOVER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A mother is facing charges after her daughter escaped from their home and out onto a highway twice in one day.

The 2-year-old wandered out by herself onto Route 151 in Hanover Township twice on Sunday. The family says she’s very active.

“She’s hyper, I don’t know if she’s actually got ADHD or not, but she definitely looks it,” says her brother Dalton Sickelsmith.

Police say she’s not hyper, it’s endangering the welfare of a child after the found the child once outside of the house and a second time a ways down the road.

“I love my kids to death, I would not ever hurt them. I would not intentionally put them in danger,” said the girl’s mother Amy Sickelsmith.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened. Police say this happened another time about a month ago.

The family has tried many tactics to keep the toddler out of the street, including putting a chair in front of the door.

Family members say when the girl goes outside, it’s usually to play on a swing set, not into the street.

Amy Sickelsmith was arrested and charged with child endangerment. She was released on bond and her daughter and another child are staying with their grandmother.

Sickelsmith says she has several health issues she’s working through.

“When I’m feeling good, like when I’m not sick and I’m not real tired like I usually am, I’m out here everyday with my kids, swinging them on the swing,” Sickelsmith said.


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