ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — People in two North Hills’ communities say they’ve been seeing bobcats.

Jamila Wiley believes she saw one racing across McKnight Road in Ross Township.

“I’ve seen a bobcat before. I knew that’s what it was,” said Wiley.

That was last winter, but Dr. Scott Winkler of the Bennington Woods community says both he and his neighbor saw a bobcat Monday night.

Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer Dan Puhala says while seeing bobcats are rare, it’s certainly not impossible.

He says they’re have been a number of reported sightings in the McCandless area.

Puhala says it’s not a big concern, but that people who have seen bobcats should be cautious if they have smaller pets.

He says bobcats are generally interested in mice and chipmunks. He also says people should keep their distance and not try to feed the bobcats.

Puhala adds that this is the time of year when mama bobcats try to wean their young.

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