PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Indiana County District Attorney has declared the shooting death of Gary Wissinger by police as justified.

Wissinger, 55, was killed July 7 when police responded to his house in Brush Valley Township for a domestic dispute call.

When troopers arrived at the house, Wissinger allegedly pointed a gun at them and was subsequently shot by one of the officers.

After being shot, police say Wissinger retreated into his house.

Police feared he had more weapons and treated it as a barricaded suspect situation. The Special Emergency Response Team was then called to the scene.

After an unknown period of time, police entered the home and found Wissinger dead inside.

Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Dougherty released a statement Friday saying the officer involved in the incident followed proper procedure and is clear of any wrong doing. Part of the statement read:

“The events of July 7, 2013 were tragic. But a greater tragedy was averted because of the actions of the officer in question. This officer had a duty to protect and defend the life of the civilian in their custody, his life and the life of his fellow officer and he performed his duties properly.”

Police also said they had been called to the house another time for domestic violence.

Wissinger’s wife was not hurt in the incident.

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