January cannot come quickly enough for Pittsburgh.

The city has been on autopilot since early March –

When Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced he wasn’t running for reelection.

He’s not making any big decisions –

And he’s been so low-profile that he’s darned near invisible.

The “Pittsburghers for Trayvon Martin” group found that out Wednesday –

When they tried to meet with the mayor.

They sat in the hallway outside his office all day –

Even stayed there all night.

They talked to Council President Darlene Harris.

They talked to Councilman and Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Peduto.

But no Mayor Luke.

So the group headed to the mayor’s house Thursday morning.

Put signs in his yard – taped their demands to his door – and left.

Now Pittsburgh police plan to increase their patrols around the mayor’s house.

Mayor Luke has already cost the city more in police overtime for his security detail –

Than any mayor in recent history.

Maybe if he’d just met with these folks at his office –

They wouldn’t have gone to his house.

Republican candidate Josh Wander may want the extra campaign time –

But the best thing that could happen to Pittsburgh –

Would be to hold the mayoral election next week –

And swear in the new mayor the next day.

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