DUQUESNE (KDKA) — A 3-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital Friday after being attacked by a neighbor’s dog on a street in Duquesne.

The boy was taken to Children’s Hospital with multiple wounds on his face.

He’s doing okay now, but the incident has left many neighbors feeling uneasy.

The little boy was just taking a stroll with his cousin on a pleasant summer night; but within an instant, the boy was screaming for his life.

“The scream was… it was just that of a child,” said Domonique Walker, a witness. “You could just tell that he was very scared, he was hurting.”

One of two pit bulls that live in a nearby home apparently dug underneath a fence and attacked 3-year-old Nassar Parker.

“The dog actually jumped on him, like his arms were like wrapped over his shoulders while biting, attacking him,” said Walker.

Parker has three bites on his face.

Neighbors say they’ve been worried about the pit bulls for a long time.

“Them dogs are very big,” said Geneva Washington, a neighbor. “They’re on the porch and dogs can jump. The kids play here in the yard, my kids, other people’s kids, and I’m very afraid of those dogs.”

Neighbors are especially upset about the fact that the animal control officers didn’t take the dogs away.

“Something’s wrong with this here,” Washington added. “How did they get to keep the dogs? Why didn’t they take the dogs? The other man ran out the back with the black dog, for what reason, I don’t know, so they didn’t see him.”

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