PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The owner of a beer distributor was attacked during a robbery and beat over the head with a brick.

He says he was saved by his daughter’s dog “Coco”, that chased away the attackers, but now the dog is missing.

The attack happened on Pittsburgh’s North Side in the Mexican War Streets area.

“Coco” took off after the robbers and never came back.

KDKA’s Paul Martino talked with owner Sam Caruso about the attack.

Paul Martino: “Sam they could have killed you.”

Caruso: “They didn’t come with a lethal weapon, but a brick. Once I gave them the money they left, which I would have done if they would’ve done if they would’ve come with a knife or a gun.”

“Coco” is a Belgian Malinoi Shepherd, the same type of dog that helped the military track down Osama Bin Laden.

Sam says “Coco” got out after the incident and was running around, and he couldn’t call her back because she was so excited.

She isn’t wearing tags because she had chewed them off, but if you see her, take her to an animal shelter because she has a microchip.

Sam returned to work just hours after the attack saying, “I’m fine, I’m working, I gotta sort this beer, and wait on customers.”

“Coco” belongs to Sam’s daughter Shari, and she returned from a trip to North Carolina Thursday night.

“She was protecting my dad, who got mugged, and chased the perpetrators away,” she told Kym Gable.

“She’s just the perfect dog. She’s a great family dog, but she’ll protect you, and that’s what she did.”

Watch Brenda Waters’ report:

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