PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police swarmed Fordham Avenue in Brookline just to evict a guy– they feared the worst.

Greg Tchirkow, 35, received an eviction notice 10 days ago.

Neighbors and the District Justice in Brookline say Tchirkow has been making some scary threats ever since.

“He’s threatened with bombs and blowing his house up, setting his house on fire all week when he knew he was going to be evicted today,” neighbor Katy Pancake says.

The District Justice who ordered the eviction says the suspect has been threatening his office all week.

“He then spoke to my constable and said that he has weapons and he’s starting to build a barricade and no one was going to take him out of that house,” District Justice Jim Motznik says.

Officials issued an arrest warrant for Tchirkow, charging him with terroristic threats and sent the swat team to evict him.

Before they got to the home, Tchirkow left.

He was eventually arrested without incident at a nearby CVS Pharmacy.

Neighbors say they’re glad the guy is locked up.

“He got in a fight with a neighbor and shot his gun and he was running around with a machete and ever since then we’ve all been kind of leery of him,” Pancake says.

It turns out there was reason to be leery because police made a dangerous discovery inside the home.

“They found what my constable describes as large amounts of bomb making materials in the basement,” Motznik says.

Police also discovered items inside the home that are used to build meth labs.

Tchirkow remains in the Allegheny County Jail.

He is expected to be arraigned late Friday night.

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