OAKLAND (KDKA) – The annual rite of passage is underway for many incoming college freshmen.

“It feels kind of strange, mad exciting, it’s nice, it’s welcoming too,” said Andrea Radziminski of West View.

Radziminski’s uncle was among her helpers Monday.

“Brings back old times of me being down here helping out with my friends, maybe a few years ago,” Frank Schons said with a smile.

Student volunteers in Pitt blue and gold stood ready with willing arms to help ease the transition to dorm life and easing was appreciated.

“Just the process with all the traffic and the chairs, it’s kind of tough,” said Laura Sepich of Peters Township.

In addition to the blue and gold, there’s also the green team.

“We’re helping all the other students move in on campus and they are so overwhelmed by all the parts that we’re helping them recycle and be green even in the midst of a stressful situation,” said Eleanor Kaloyeropoulou with the green team.

And stressful is what it could be for unsuspecting driver who come through Oakland, forgetting it’s that time of year.

“There’s going to be heavy traffic on Forbes and Fifth Avenue for the next few days,” said Pitt spokesman Ken Service.

So with Bigelow Boulevard in front of the cathedral closed, Pitt says the best advice is to avoid the area if you can.

“We are moving in 8,000 students this week,” Service said. “We try to limit the inconvenience, but inevitably there is going to be some traffic congestion.”

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