PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Pittsburgh native and Freelance Video Producer, Krystle Grandy has dedicated her life to video production, and her resume suggests she’s pretty good.

Grandy’s resume includes music videos with celebrities like Katy Perry and the band “No Doubt,” along with television series like “Sons of Anarchy” and Betty White’s “Off Their Rockers.”

Currently the Pine-Richland graduate is working for New Perspective Communications in Pittsburgh where she is exercising her skills in producing commercials and promotions. Right now she is working as the Casting Director for a Steelers’s promotional video.

Her laundry list of experience includes production assisting, wardrobe and make up designs, location scouting and casting.

Not only has Grandy made a name for herself here, but she has also been highly successful out in California where she assisted on movies like “127 Hours.”

“I took every advantage I could, anything and everything I could get my hands on I did,” said Grandy. She explains it’s a necessary attitude you need to have going in to an industry like that.

There will be actors that you wouldn’t want to work with, but you have to, or places you may not want to film at, but you have to.

Grandy explains how even a simple 30 second shot could take three to four days to shoot, not including the pre- and post-production work that goes in to that shot.

Anyone interested in joining the film industry should begin by deciding what kind of role they would like to play, behind the scenes or in front of the camera.

Grandy recommends that if you decide you just want to be an extra in films to take photos of yourself that reflect the role you’re looking to play.

She adds to continue pursuing your dreams and take every advantage you are given.

“Space may be the final frontier, but it was made in a Hollywood basement,” said Grandy.

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