It’s Labor Day weekend –

The last holiday of summer.

From here on out – everyone is in the back-to-school or back-to-work mode.

And maybe – just maybe – that includes our elected officials.

For the most part – the folks in Washington and Harrisburg have frittered away the first nine months of the year.

Oh – there’s been a lot of rhetoric –

Posturing –

And hand-wringing –

But not a lot to show for it.

Congress has to deal with debt levels, budgets and immigration – to name a few burning issues.

State legislators still haven’t resolved transportation funding –

Or tackled property tax reform or pension reform.

Maybe – over the summer – members of both parties rediscovered their abilities to discuss – negotiate – and compromise.

Maybe they developed some backbone and a sense of urgency.

Maybe our lawmakers in Harrisburg and Washington will stop wasting our time and money –

And actually get some real work done before the year ends.

We can always hope.

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