By Andrew Fillipponi

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – Steelers safety Ryan Clark is doing his best Johnny Manziel impression and autographing everything in sight at Nakama.

During this though, Clark makes time to talk about the Steelers’ performance so far this season.

Clark says he agrees with some of his teammates who say that this team is close to breaking through and returning to winning games consistently again, but that close margin is what separates good teams from also-rans.

According to Clark, “Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way and right now it’s not bouncing our way.”

He says he doesn’t think that too much needs to be changed with the Steelers game plan though. It seems like the team is blitzing more because they are doing it differently he says. The turnover margin has to swing back in the Steelers favor for this team to start winning again.

During this, Clark also remembers back to when he first met coach Mike Tomlin, who he describes as being “really cool.”

He says he had a passion and intelligence about the game, but the first camp was really tough leading to a changed mentality and eventually a changed philosophy in Tomlin — although Clark will not call Tomlin a “player’s coach” since that often implies being soft, and Tomlin definitely is not soft.

Making the playoffs is part of the job so winning it all is the only real time to celebrate, Clark says.

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